18 to 20 January 2024 Leipzig Veterinary Congress
NEW: our straight endoscopic HD video camera with our „All-In-One“ cordless technology including LED light.

Finely our straight endoscopic HD video camera is available with our „All-In-One“ cordless technology including LED light.

Two main needs are now be fullfilled, cordless in video transmission and in light supply. This enables a completely wireless use of conventional standard endoscopes of any size and from any manufacturer. Arthroscopy is one of the main applications of such a camera system. Forget about your old tower-based system and connect it cordless to a video monitor or a computer.


What of a use is a cordless camera if you still have to click a light guide cable or a bulky battery light handle? Compromise solutions like “mobile phone adapters” have shown not to fullfill practical applications in the field on a daily basis.

If the current of the battery after more than 1,5h should run out, then just adapt magnetically the cable of the charger, like in a mobile phone. This is possible under sterile conditions, thanks to the fact that all parts are fully immersable including charger cables.

Ask for the non tower based wireless endoscopic HD camera systems with LED light made by Dr. Fritz


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