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Alfaxan Multidose
A Produkt of: Jurox Ireland Ltd

Alfaxan Multidose injectable anaesthetic induction agent for all your dog and cat patient needs.

Alfaxan Multidose is a preserved formulation of alfaxalone, combining the reliability of Alfaxan with the versatility that comes with an extended shelf life of 28 days after the vial is first broached. Alfaxan Multidose reduces risk of microbial contamination, providing repeatable and reliable anaesthesia in a pain free injection.

Offering smooth induction and transition to maintenance, fast and clearheaded recovery, and minimal cardiovascular and respiratory effects, Alfaxan Multidose can be used with confidence in all dog and cat patients (ASAs I to V including C-sections). It is available in two presentations of 10ml and 20ml.

Come and learn how Alfaxan Multidose can help you and your practice at our symposium

Ausgewogene Anästhesie für Katzen und Hunde - Raum SR 14/15, presented by R. Dörfelt (München), C. Danker (Berlin)

For further information on Alfaxan Multidose visit www.alfaxan.eu


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