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Diagnostic tools
A Produkt of: Bio-X Diagnostics S.A.

Bio-X Diagnostics’ mission and commitment are to offer reliable, performant and affordable diagnostic tools, based on ELISA (Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay), rt-PCR (real time Polymerase Chain Reaction), VFIA (Vertical Flow Immuno Assay) & IFA (reagents for Immuno Fluorescence Assays) technologies in the animal health sector.

As part of “one world, one health” systemic approach, we fundamentally believe in the development of veterinary diagnostics, for many pathologies and biomarkers beyond the regulated ones. Environmental and sanitary stakes impose preventive measures and the sensible use of the therapeutic arsenal. With these prevailing and universal trends, a reasonable recourse to diagnostic tools at the herd level will contribute, as it is our conviction, to raise the awareness of these stakes.

Today, thanks to its steady growth and distribution network in over 50 countries, Bio-X Diagnostics aims to expand its animal health diagnostic solutions.


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