15 to 17 January 2026 Leipzig Veterinary Congress
Color-coded feeding tubes back on the veterinary market.
A product of: DISPOVET®
Missed the color-coded feeding tubes for small animals?

Dispovet® now offers the alternative, Vet's Choice® feeding tubes. Following the 2018 halt in production of Rüsch feeding tubes due to stringent human-use regulations, Dispovet introduces a new Vet's Choice® range, meeting all veterinary requirements. The 50cm tubes, made of strong, flexible, transparent PVC, feature a closed, atraumatic tip with two lateral eyes, reducing the risk of damage or blockage. With diameters from 1.7 to 3.3mm and a secure Luer connector, the Vet's Choice® tubes have color-coded closures for quick size identification. Individually packaged, sterile, and versatile for use as urinary catheters.


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