15 to 17 January 2026 Leipzig Veterinary Congress
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PHOVIA is an innovative approach in veterinary dermatology based on the principle of fluorescence biomodulation. The polychromatic light generated uses fluorescent light energy to stimulate the tissue in several layers of the skin, thereby supporting the skin's regeneration mechanisms.

This can be associated with reduced tissue irritation, reduced bacterial count, proliferation of dermal fibroblasts and increased collagen synthesis and angiogenesis, among other things. Overall, FLE can therefore lead to faster regeneration of damaged skin. Solid evidence also shows that FLE can be associated with the resolution of chronically irritated skin and the improvement of acute and chronic wounds.

With this in-practice, non-invasive application, the PHOVIA system aims to improve the quality of life of small animals and their owners by accelerating skin regeneration in a natural way.


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